Pooch & Mutt® | Superfood PUPPY (Frango do Campo c/ Blend Superfoods)



Pooch & Mutt's 'Puppy Complete Superfood', is the ideal food for your puppy. Packed full of natural, healthy active ingredients that will keep your puppy feeling full and active.

Did you know that when other dog foods say they are 'Chicken and Sweet Potato' they contain as little as 4% of each ingredient. When we say our food is 'Chicken and Sweet Potato' it is. These ingredients make up 70% of the food, with the additional 30% being made up of healthy vegetables and natural, active ingredients.... with no junk, cereals or fillers. Plus our food is made with free-run, British chicken, wheras others can be made from caged chickens from anywhere around the world.


Chicken (38.5%) (Dried chicken 28.5%, Chicken Fat 6%, Chicken Gravy 4%), Potato, Sweet Potato 19%, Peas, Full Fat Linseed 1%, Monocalcium phosphate, Salmon Oil 0.5%, Cellulose, Activated Charcoal 0.35%, Carrots, Chamomile 0.2%, Cranberry 0.2%, Seaweed 0.1%, Fructose Oligosaccharides (Prebiotics) 0.1%, Glucosamine 0.1%, Blackcurrant, Kale, Spinach, Beetroot, Rosehip, Pomegranate (Min 1.75% Total Superfoods), Yucca Schidigera 0.02%, Olive Extract 0.01%.

Feeding Guide:

The quantities below are meant as a rough guide. The correct amount of food will depend on your dog’s level of activity, breed, age and if they are overweight or underweight.

  • Small dogs             (1-10kg) 20-120 g/day              200-33 meals/bag
  • Medium dogs       (11-25kg) 120-240 g/day           33-17 meals/bag
  • Large dogs             (26-45kg) 240-375 g/day          17-11 meals/bag
  • Giant dogs             (45kg+) 375 g/day                           11 meals/bag

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