Buddys Dogwear - Mediterranean Blue



The Cap Rocat Blue (Mediterranean Blue) colection has a summer design, in white and blue colors, that will make you fall in love. Its a limited collection, so speed up!

Would you like the full set? Choose the Collar and the Leash, with 3.5 cms width. Please check the table measures below.

Buddys Dogwear is an Handcrafted brand made with braided organic cotton from Italy and soft flexible leather from France specially suitable for dogs.  

Available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L,  XL and Leash U (1,25 m) and X (Multiposition / Hands-free 2 m) . Check the specific SIZE GUIDE for collars to get the size your dog needs the first time. If your dog is a piccolo or Italian greyhound, the XS size will be spectacular!

XS 20-24 3.5
26-32 3.5
M 33-39 3.5
L 41-47 3.5
XL 49-56 3.5

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