Distributor - Heroes of Kindness - pet business development

We are a wholesale company with exclusive distribution of premium & ethic brands. We sell Pet Supplies & Happiness to you! Shipping worldwide. Grab a look at our fantastic brands:

  • POOCH & MUTT: health functional food for dogs
  • EDGARD COOPER: premium 100% dry fresh food for dogs & cats
  • DENZELS: Superfood healthy snacks for dogs (hand-baked & 100% natural)
  • Naturasnack - 100% natural food & snacks
  • BROTT Barcelona:  hand-made accessories & cool stuff for dogs 
  • BUDDYS Dogwear: hand-made premium cotton & leather dog accessories
  • I LOVE MY STICKERS: Cool stuff for pet lovers. Stick with us.
  • MEAN YELLOW DOG: mugs for pet lovers
  • LISHINU:hands free leash
  • HIGHLAND ORGANICS:  100% natural chews for dogs
For wholesale our brands and enquiries contact us: heroeskindness@gmail.com